Current Projects

Workforce Housing

silverton coLike many mountain communities, Silverton is experiencing a housing shortage. Currently more than 65% of Silverton homes sit vacant at least part of the year, as second homes or vacation rentals. Creating more workforce housing like the Anvil Mountain development, incentivizing infill with Accessory Dwelling Units, and revisiting zoning and building codes are just a few of the ways SJDA & local government is addressing this issue.

A Housing Needs Assessment was performed for Silverton & San Juan County by Root Policy in the summer of 2021 through partnership between SJDA, the Southwest Colorado Council of Government, and Housing Solutions for the Southwest. The report analyzes existing housing data, housing plans, and identifies housing needs. The full report is accessible below:
San Juan County & Silverton Housing Needs Assessment - August 2021

In Fall 2021, SJDA applied for and was awarded a technical assistance grant for the Town of Silverton to progress affordable housing development. The grant was provided by the Colorado Housing & Financial Authority (CHFA) in their new Technical Assistance Program to help catalyze small-scale affordable housing developments by providing access to an affordable housing consultant and pre-development grant assistance. Potential small-scale projects, of 30 units or less, could apply for affordable housing planning and development technical assistance services and pre-development grants to further their work. More information about the grant, scope, and final output can be found on the report below:

CHFA Silverton Final Report

Fiber Redundancy

silverton coSilverton has lit fiber meaning that we have a very stable and direct, active fiber connection. There is currently a single fiber pathway from Durango to Silverton, and SJDA and Silverton is working closely with San Miguel Power Association to create fiber redundancy to provide more stability and increase Silverton’s attractiveness to location neutral workers.

Community Visioning

silverton coSan Juan County, the Town of Silverton, and San Juan Development Association, with support from the Colorado Brownfields Partnerships, have partnered with Community Builders to facilitate a transparent, community-driven process that will result in a vision for the future of Silverton and San Juan County.